Ida-Linn Lundholm & Fanita

The breeding stallion Chirlon 870 died a short while ago at the age of 27.

Chirlon had a very successful sport career that started with Jan at Tullstorp where he was placed 2nd at the Stallion Performance Test in 1993 with among others 9-10 for the free jumping and 9 for his trot. Chirlon was then exported and competed with great success in Grand Prix dressage in Europe.

After he retired from his competing career he returned to Tullstorp where he has now lived for a number of years and been part of Tullstorp’s stallion program as the only sire by Ceylon still standing stud.

“He will be buried under the same oak where Martini was buried at his time and we will remember these amazing stallions that have meant a great deal to both me and Tullstorp”, Jan Brink comments.