• The approved stallion Formalin by Floricello – D-Day – Master competed last Friday in Breeders Trophy for 3-year olds by Tullstorp rider Ida-Linn Lundholm. The combination did very well and was awarded with 90% with among others 9,5 for Common Impression.The combination was placed 2nd in the Open Class but won the SWB Stallion Trophy, which was like a “competition within the competition” since Formalin was the best stallion approved at a SWB Stallion Performance Test in Sverige.

    The Tullstorp rider Johanna Pettersson competed the 4-year old Zitat by Zaladin MI – Blue Hors Don Romantic. In the second round on Saturday it was time for the test rider to give her judgement of the ridability and possibility for development for the future. The test rider was again this year the world known English Charlotte Dujardin, who last year glorified the Tullstorp stallion Dragon Welt. Even Zitat was a horse of her liking and she awarded him with 9-9 and the comment: “He can come with me to England!”. In Breeders the combination finished 6th in total.

    The 5-year old approved stallion Dragon Welt by Dancier – Weltmeyer came 2nd in the SWB Stallion Trophy with among others 9,2 for the trot and as a future prospect.

    Tullstorp also had jumper horses at Breeders, all of them ridden by Elin Sjögren. The 4-year old ConNery by Common Sense – Ludwigs Champion was placed 2nd in Breeders Trophy with the same points as the winner. 5th among the 5-year olds was the mare China con Kannan by Kannan – Chin Chin that is owned by Tullstorp & Hannell Dressage.

    Both Formalin, Zitat, ConNery and China con Kannan were bought as foals at the SWB Elite Foal Auction.