Last year we launched a Foal Market for the breeders that cover there mares with stallions from Tullstorp’s Stallion Program. Now the breeding season of 2013 has started and the first foals are born. Then it is as well time for the Foal Market of 2013 to commence.

The stallions in Tullstorp’s Stallion Program are always specially chosen to develop Swedish breeding and all have shown good results and have a pedigree with focus on performance.

The purpose of the Foal Market is to create an early market for our breeders to enhance their opportunity to sell their foals and cover their mares again in order to get more offspring in Sweden with the best possible conditions to become good competition horses.

The Foal market is for free and without provision and is simply a direct contact between buyer and seller.

Despite last year’s foal market being a debut, 16 foals from the Foal Market were sold. This year we hope that even more foalowners – and buyers will make use of the Foal Market and we wish all mare- and foal owners good luck with the breeding season 2013!