Jan Brink CV / 2015

Short Facts

  • Tullstorp’s stallion program expanded among the jumper sires with Clinton II standig stud at Tullstorp as well at frozen semen with the world known stallion Cornet Obolensky.
  • Several approved stallions at the Stallion Performance Test, among others two  3-year olds.
  • Tullstorp rider Ida-Linn Lundholm 1st and 2nd in the stallion show during the Stallion Performance Test. She won on Sankt Erik II with 83,75% and came 2nd on Eclectisch with 82,50%.
  • Eclectisch qualified and nominated for the World Championship for young horses in Verden.
  • Danish Tullstorp student Anna Zibrandtsen won a bronze medal at the Danish U25-Championship.
  • Both Tullstorp students and riders did well in Falsterbo and were well presented in the finals both in U25 and in the finals for 7-year olds in Scandinavian Open.
  • The approved stallion RayMore by JJ RayBan – Figaro R was placed 5th in Scandinavian Open in Falsterbo with 71,790% and was thereby even the best Swedish born horse.
  • Tullstorp was also well represented at the European Championship for juniors and young riders with the students Marina Mattsson, Emma Jönsson and Lina Jönsson that all competed horses from Tullstorp that Jan Brink has found for his students.
  • Tullstorp student Marina Mattsson won 3 bronze medals at the European Championship, one with the team together with the Tullstorp colleague Emma Jönsson and two individual bronze medals.
  • Tullstorp-s sponsor since many years Willab relaunched their brand Hansbo Sport at a great event at Tullstorp.
  • Tullstorp student Mathilde Hannell won several LFC qualifications and lead the group for young riders during the whole year. In the final at Friends the combination was placed 3rd.
  • The approved stallion Zaladin MI & Jan Brink came 2nd in the finals for 7-year olds in the Prix S:t Georges with 68,772% at the great yearly Swedish Breeding- and Sportchampionship.
  • The newly approved stallion Dragon Welt & Ida-Linn Lundholm won the finals for 3-year olds at the Breeding- and Sportchampionship with not less than 92,60%.
  • Jan Brink did a master clinic at Friends during Sweden International Horse Show for the Knytkalas together with the two other Knytkalas trainers Kyra Kyrklund and Liane Wachtmeister. 2 of the riders were the Tullstorp students Marina Mattsson and Marie Munters from Hannell Dressage.