Dressage Students

At Tullstorp we focus both with developing the talent and capacity of the horses as well as with the riders. A number of talented and ambitious riders come to Tullstorp as students to Jan Brink to learn the craftsmanship and to develop a long-term plan of how to reach their goals within the equestrian sport. The goal is simple = results! It is the travel to get there that requires coaching.

The dressage students at Tullstorp get a substantial experience within both education and competition at the highest level where Jan maximises the theoretic and mental skills of the students based on his own experience and the journey in life. Theoretically to train the students before, during and after competitions and mentally to be a coach who works with building up the self-confidence of the students and gives them the tools to better be able to focus and perform.

Furthermore, for decades Jan has been building up a global network in the horse business where he is able to find the horses that matches the potential and goals of his students. Accordingly, the ultimate condition is created to generate the maximum development in order to make the students visions on results be fulfilled.

To Jan the path towards the aim lies in an overall concept!