Basic Information

Year of birth 2005

Height 168 cm

The most expensive foal at the Swedish Elite Foal Auction was by Ampère and in total 7 out of 30 selected elite foals were by Ampère.
Ampère’s offspring were outstanding at the tests for 3-year-olds in Sweden with an average of 48 points and 8 in average for the gaits.
Offspring 2013: Ampère had yet another 4 sons approved at the KWPN, among those the Victory Stallion
Offspring 2012: Ampère got three approved sons at the KWPN’s stallion show in S’Hertogenbosch
2008  Champion of the Dutch Stallion Performance test
Semen Station

Tullstorp Dressage Stable AB
Tel: + 46 (0) 451-193 71
Stud fee: 2.500 SEK +
14.000 SEK at 90 days of gestation
Price is exclusive of VAT and other charges

Breeder Information

A. T. Rensen, Holland


Fritz och Claudine Kundrun, USA.

Conditions and Facts
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Ampère is a noble, elegant stallion with a beautiful head.
Exterior: well developed stallion with a great dressage type and a striking appearance, a well formed neck, good and well placed shoulder, the withers are well developed and have a good length, well developed foundation of the legs.
Gaits (8 9 9,5): the walk is clear and with good room. The trot is big well balanced and powerful. The canter is very powerful, uphill and very big and well balanced.
Test riders: (9 8,5 9 9): Ampère moves with a lot of natural balance and suppleness with very strong hindlegs. Ampère has a very good selfcarriage.
As a dressage horse Ampère has a lot of talent and he gives the rider a very good feeling. Ampère is an honest, reliable and sensible stallion, with very good work ethics.

Ampère won the Dutch stallion performance test – the 70 days performance test in Ermelo – in 2008 with the highest points ever! (walk 8, trot 9, canter 9,5, ridability 9, talent as dressage horse 9). The test riders praised him as the best horse they had ridden for years.

His offspring has shown to inherit his exceptional gaits and have for a number of years had great success at auctions, stallion performance test etc. A stallion foal by Ampère was sold for EURO 200,000 at the elite foal auction in German Vechta 2011. Ampère had 3 approved offspring at the KWPN 2012 and another 3 were approved in 2013.. The Champion of the KWPN Stallion Licensing 2013 was Fierce-S by Ampère-Ferro (now Franklin) who then later in the year won the KWPN 50-days test in Ermelo and among others received a 9,5 for his canter and for his posture and balance as well as a 9 for his suppleness, flexibility, attitude and potential as a future dressage horse. Franklin also won the KWPN stallion show 2015.

In 2013 the first Swedish 3-year-olds by Ampère were shown at the test and his offspring were in the lead, he was the only sire with offspring that had an average of 48 dressage points and that had an 8 in average for the gaits. At the Swedish Elite Foal Auction 7 out of the total 30 selected elite foals were by Ampère and the most expensive foals was as well an Ampère offspring. At the Elite Foal Auction in 2014 6 of 31 foals were by Ampère, among others the most expensive one that went for SEK 600.000 to the US. Also the second most expensive foal was by. Ampère and that one was also sold to the US. In total the 6 Ampère foals were sold for a total of SEK 1.340.000 with an average price of SEK 223.333. At the EDS auction in Holland in 2014 the most expensive horse was an Ampère-offspring that was sold for SEK 3,4 million. Ampère himself was the most expensive foal at the Borculo auction at his time.

In 2015 the success of the Ampère-offspring continued. The son Amplitud was approved in Sweden already as a 3-year old. At the great Swedish Championship Ampère was the stallion with most offspring represented, in total 20 offspring. Especially among the 3-year old mares Ampère was very well represented with not less than 8 offspring out of a total of 17 horses, almost half the mares. The Ampère-mares were superior and 4 out of top 6 were by Ampère and among top  10 half of the mares were by Ampère. The Mare of the Year and winner of Kungakannan was Diod by Ampère.

The 3-year old horse with the highest scores in 2016 was by Ampère and was rewarded with not less than 89,2%. In total 10 offspring have qualified for the finals in the autumn in Breeders Trophy.

Ampère has a very interesting pedigree. The father, Rosseau, was champion stallion in the Netherlands and won the silver medal at the Championship for young horses in Verden in 2003. Until now Rousseau has a number for approved sons and grandsons in KWPN, as well as a number of approved sons in Germany. Ampère 95331 is one of the three Rosseaus sons in a row that has won the Dutch performance test and has become champion of the stallion test with very high points. Further to his own competing results, the mothers father, Flemmingh, has sons such as Krack C and Lingh. Ampère’s motherline has left both breeding stallions as well as a great number of competing horses within both jumping and dressage.

Ampère is stationed at Tullstorp and available TAI, see Conditions & Facts for more information.

Rousseau Ferro Ulft
Zsuzsa Roemer
Larivola Flemmingh Lacapo
Farivola Amor