Basic Information

Year of birth 2007

Height 166 cm

2013 Placed in 5 of 6 competitions and 2nd at the final for 6-year-olds in Arezzo
2013 Approved for breeding in Sweden
2012 2nd at the Swedish Championship Final, Flyinge
Semen Station

Available with frozen semen (FAI)
Tullstorp Dressage Stable AB
Tel: + 46 (0) 451-193 71, 193 07

Stud fee: 3.000 SEK +
7.000 SEK at 90 days of gestation
Prices are exclusive of VAT and other charges

Breeder Information

Sisse Sejrbo


Royne Zetterman AB
Tel: +46 (0)709-39 49 93

Conditions and Facts
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Magic Park is a masculine, well proportioned stallion with an expressive head, well-shaped and high, well-placed neck by nature, horizontal and deeply placed shoulder, deep trunk and long croup. Judgements jumping: Great capacity, good rythm, balance and impulsion. Good technique, supple, cooperative and with good confidence. He is bold, balanced and energetic. Nice horse, good ridability, good canter, adjustable. Nice in the mouth. Received 9,0 – 9,0 by the testriders with among others the judgements: Grand scope. Adjustable stallion with a good confidence. Very easy and uncomplicated jumps, feels as if he has great capacity. Lands in good balance and directly searches for the next obstacle. Easily comes off the ground. Good way of thinking for a jumping stallion, a complete horse.

Magic Park was 2nd at the Swedish Championship final at Flyinge 2012. He has competed in 130-classes with a clear round 2012. 2013 Magic Park competed for the first time internationally in Arezzo, Italy and he was placed in 5 out of 6 competitions and came 2nd at the final for 6-year-olds.

Magic Park’s pedigree shows pure performance. The mother Magic Feeling is a diploma Elite mare. She was announced “The best jumping dam in the country” 1999 and was even placed at the dressage final. On Magic Feeling’s mothers side there are several approved sons. The grandmother Ami, diploma Elite, had 10 offspring of wich four have competed in jumping at S-level and five at M-level. Three of the offspring have been exported. One of them has been exported to Mexico in 2011 and was nominated for the Olympics 2012 in London for Mexico. The sire of Magic Park Armitage has competed in jumping at S-level by Marcus Ehning. Armitage has left many successful competition horses and has a number of approved stallions. The grandfather Olympic Ahorn competed in the World Cup jumping. He left among others High Valley Z who won Grand Prix. The sire of the grandmother competed international jumping at S-level.

Magic Park will be focusing on his competition career in 2016 and will therefore only be available with frozen semen (FAI) via Tullstorp.

Armitage Argentinus Argentan
Farina Grannus
Magic Feeling Ahorn Nimmerdor
M. Hyazinthe
Ami Anart