Basic Information

Year of birth 2008

Height 176 cm

2016 Won Msv A:1 in Björbäck with 68,291%
2016 2nd in Prix S:t Georges in Laholm with 67,982%
2015 Won Msv A:1 debut with 67,287% Dagstorp
2015 Won Prix S:t Georges debut with 68,772%, Dagstorp
2015 Won Msv B:4 with 71,957% and almost 7% to the second combination, Willands
2013 Won qualification for the Swedish Championship for 5-year-olds, was in the final
2012 Winner of the Swedish Stallion Performance Test
2012 AB-awarded


Exterior 41 points

Semen Station

Available with frozen semen (FAI)
Tullstorp Dressage Stable AB
Tel: + 46 (0) 451-193 71, 193 07

Stud fee: 3.000 SEK +
7.000 SEK at 90 days of gestation
Price is exclusive of VAT and other charges

Breeder Information

Steen Bo Larsen, Denmark


Tullstorp Dressage Stable AB
and Hannell Dressage Stable AB



Conditions and Facts
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Judgements from the Swedish Stallion Performance Test, AVN: Zaladin MI is a large, and well developed stallion with a high and well-placed neck and an expressive head. Zaladin has a long neck with a natural height, long and deep abdomen and long withers and lumber area. The walk is even with good pace and movement. The trot covers ground well with well-placed hind legs. Judgements gaits: (9,0 – 9,5 – 9,5): The walk is relaxed, even, with good movement and the abdomen is free from the ground. The trot is even with good movement, elasticity and self-carriage. The canter is rhythmical with good movement, elasticity and adjustable with active hind legs. A cooperative stallion with elasticity in all gaits and always in uphill slope. Judgement from the test riders: a horse with good balance in all three gaits, electric and with good ridability with good potential and great talent for collection.

The sire Blue Hors Zack won the Stallion Performance Test in KWPN 2007 and the Danish Licensing 2008. He is a world known sire with a number of offspring that have won various performance tests. He is sire to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd among the 3-year-olds and the best 4-year-old at the Danish Stallion Performance Test 2012. Blue Hors Zack is also the sire to the best 3-year-old in 2013 as well as the exceptional stallion Sezuan who was the best 4-year-old stallion and received 99 % and the record score of 987,5 points at the Danish stallion test with among others ten 10s. Sezuan also won the championship for 4-year-olds with 9,68 points and among the horses in the final six of them were by Blue Hors Zack. Blue Hors Zack is by the world known sire Rousseau (by Ferro) who is also the father of the successful breeding stallion Ampère 1225. Furthermore the grandfather to Blue Hors Zack on the mothers’ side is the well-known stallion Jazz.

The mother Labial MI is registered in the Danish main stud book and has been competing successfully in the Danish Championship for 3- and 4-year-olds. Zaladin MI is Labials first off-spring. The grandmother Sabrina Solhöj is registered in the main Danish Stud Book and has off-spring that are competing in jumping. On the mothers’ side Zaladin MI even has the successful stallion Solos Landtinus as grandfather who is also the father of Minna Teldes World Championship horse Larina Höm.

Zaladin is stationed at Tullstorp and available FAI, see Conditions & Facts for more information.

Blue Hors Zack Rousseau Ferro
Orona Jazz
Labial MI RDH Solos Landtinus Landadel
Utopia H
Sabrina Solhöj DS Schwedengruss DH 313
Katharina Solhöj DS