Basic Information

Year of birth 1992

Nationality Swedish

National Team Svenska Young Rider Landslaget

2014 7th in the final at Scandinavian Open for 5-year olds
2914 A great number of victories and placements on various
horses in Prix S:t Georges and Intermediaire I + II
2013 Competed at the EC in French Compiègne
2013 NC 5th in the Kür final for Young Riders, Flyinge
2013 NC 3rd in the Ind. Champ. prg. for Young Riders, Flyinge
2013 NC gold team for Young Riders, Flyinge
2013 SC silver medal young rider, won S:t Georges in
Hickstead, England with 78 %, ind. placements
2012 SC gold medal young rider with a 12 % margin,
9th at the EC, competed in the U25-team in Aachen,
final in the Lövsta Future Challenge Cup, Globen
2011 SC bronze medal YR, 4th at the NC ind. and team silver,
EC final, int. victories. Won Gina Tricot Future Elite in
Falsterbo, competed in the U25-team in Aachen, final at senior SC
 2010 SC silver medal junior, NC bronze medal ind. and team silver,
competed at the EC, Grand Prix debut and competed in the final
at the SC for seniors
2009 Qualified 2 horses for the junior SC, qualified for the YR SC,
victories in Msv:A
2008 EC bronzemedalj, SM guld medalj,
Vann Ponny Falsterbo Kür
2007 10:a på EM, NM silver Lag, 4:a ind.
SM guld medalj ind. och Lag
2006 Guld medalj Lag SM, vann alla klasser ind.
2005 Guld medalj Lag SM, 5:a på SM
kat. D,NM silver medal Lag
2004 Guld medalj Lag SM,
SM silver medal kat. B
2003 Brons på Lag SM, 4:a på SM kat. B
2002 Brons medalj på Lag SM,
kvalade 2 ponnyer till SM final
2001 SM final med åldersdispens


Elin Aspnäs
Skalbaggevägen 13
296 33 Åhus
Tel: +46 (0)708-15 46 56



Elin Aspnäs was born 1992 and grew up in Åhus outside Kristianstad. She has always had an active interest in horses and started riding while in her mothers womb. When she was  7 years old she started competing and she has been at the national team since she was  12 years old.

Elin has now been training for Jan Brink for several years. Elin even has a good cooperation with Kyra Kyrklund where she has spent some months training.

Elin now has her own little company where she is running a business primarily with her own competition horses but also with the training of others horses, sale and quite a number of good students.



2014 Dagstorp FEI Prix S:t Georges 69,781% 2nd
2014 Falsterbo Scandinavian Open
final, 5-year olds
73,333% 7th
2014 Everlöv FEI Intermediaire I 70,921% 2nd
2014 Everlöv FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,886%
2014 Everlöv Medelsvår A:1 71,512% 1st
2014 Björbäck FEI Prix S:t Georges 72,061%
2014 Björbäck FEI Intermediaire II 64,868% 6th
2014 Björbäck FEI Prix S:t Georges 69,781% 1st
2014 Björbäck Medelsvår B:4 74,348% 1st
2014 Dagstorp prg. 5-year olds 76,200% 2nd
2014 Willands Medelsvår B:4 69,130% 2nd
2014 Willands prg. 5-year olds 81,000% 2nd
2014 Willands Medelsvår B:2 70,233% 1st
2014 Willands FEI Intermdiaire I 69,737%
2014 Willands FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,184%
2014 Karlskrona Medelsvår C:2
Medelsvår C:1
2014 Lund Lätt A:3 76,143% 1st
2014 Åstorp FEI Intermediaire I 71,404% 2nd
2014 Åstorp FEI Prix S:t Georges 74,430% 1st
2014 Hässleholm FEI Intermediaire I 70,526% 1st
2014 Helsingborg Medelsvår A:1 71,124% 1st
2013 Compiègne EC 4th in the team 4th
2013 Flyinge NC Kür final,Young Rider 70,125 % 5th
2013 Flyinge NC Young Riders, Team prg. 72,474 % 1st
2013 Flyinge NC Young Riders, Team prg. 71,616 % 1st
2013 Strömsholm SC silver, Young Rider 73,225 % 2nd
2013 Strömsholm FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,316 % 2nd
2012 Globen Lövsta Future Challenge
Cup final, U25
Stockholm Horse Show
62,233 % 3rd
2012 Willands Medelsvår B:2 71,628 % 1st
2012 Viarp Medelsvår B:4 67,826  % 3rd
2012 Färs Härads Medelsvår B:4 65,652 % 3rd


Elin has finished her last year as a Young Rider for the Swedish Team and is now starting her competition career among the U25 riders and the seniorers.

Elin has competed internationally and been a Swedish Team member since she was 12 years old. She has won several Swedish Championship gold medals and other international medals both as a pony rider, Junior and Young Rider. She made her debut in Grand Prix when she was still a junior rider and has already competed at two Swedish Championship finals for seniors when she competed and has competed twice in the U25-team in Aachen with different horses.

During 2012 Elin competed with great success as a Young Rider and at the same time in Grand Prix with two horses. She competed in many international shows and had several a number of placements with more than 70%. She was part of the Swedish Young Rider Team for the EC in Switserland with Donna Romma where they went to the finals and were placed ninth individually and the won a gold medal at the Swedish Championship with a margin of not less than 12% to the runner-up.

With the horse Dark Diamond Elin competed for the Swedish U25-team in Aachen and with her old schoolmaster Christo she was placed 3rd in the final of the Lövsta Future Challenge in Globen.