Basic Information

Year of birth 1995

Nationality Svenska

National Team Svenska junior landslaget

2014 Best Swede at the NC YR, competed in Falsterbo and in the
final at the SC and competed internationally. A number of
victories and placements in Medelsvår A:1 and Prix S:t Georges
on various horses in Sweden.
2013 NC bronze medal with the junior team and ind. 3rd in the
1. qual; 4th in SC and 2nd in the b-final and competed as well
in Moorsele and Hagen.
2012 Best Swede in the team competition in Finland in her
international competition debut.
2011 2 bronze medals at the SC for ponies, team and ind., won
the pony-kür in Falsterbo; 7th in the final at SC for juniors and
international debut on horse with placement.


B Cap Dressage AB


Horses has always been a great part of Emma’s life. It was natural for her to start riding since both Emma’s mother, aunt and grandmother have been riding since they were little. In her world is has always been dressage that has been of interest. Emma competed for the first time when she was 9 years old. The real interest for competitions started when she was around 12 years old and since then Emma has been determined to move upwards in the classes and keep on striving after reaching a higher level.

When Emma was around 15 years old she bought her first large horse and then all the training started to show in the results. One year later Emma was getting close to competing on the national team. That year she entered the training group Plantskolan as well and that was when the training for Jan Brink really commenced. A real opportunity for a young and unexperienced rider! This has lead to more and more success on a higher level and has brought Emma to a level were she has several times been representing Sweden at international competitions and championships.

In 2012 Emma’s family bought a farm South of Göteborg where they are riding and developing with their horses. As often as possible Emma and her sister Lina goes to Tullstorp and Jan for further education.

In the autumn of 2014 Emma will be stationed at Tullstorp Dressage Stable with her horses in order to receive even more continuous training and to be able to develop as much as possible.


2015 Flyinge FEI Intermediaire I 60,035% 1st
2015 Flyinge FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,640% 1st
2015 Flyinge Medelsvår A:1 67,209% 3rd
2014 Flyinge Medelsvår C:1 70,745% 1st
2014 Frillesås Medelsvår A:1 66,550% 2nd
2014 Frillesås Medelsvår C:2 69,667% 2nd
2014 Laholm FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,640% 4th
2014 Laholm Medelsvår A:1 72,132% 1st
2014 Helsingborg FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,772% 1st
2014 Helsingborg Medelsvår A:1 68,953% 1st
2014 Strömsholm YR-SM kval 2,
FEI Mästerskapsprg.
67,719% 5th
2014 Strömsholm YR-SM kval 1,
FEI Prix S:t Georges
67,588% 4th
2014 Nordhalland FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,026% 2nd
2014 Willands FEI Mästerskapsprg.
Msv A (UR)
65,088% 7th
2014 Willands FEI Prix S:t Georges 67,807%
2014 Norhalland FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,360% 1st
2014 Dagstorp Medelsvår A:1 67,907%
2013 Nordhalland FEI Prix S:t Georges 67,895%
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår A:1 71,783% 1st
2013 Frillesås Medelsvår A:1 66,977%
2013 Hammarö SM Kür final (J) 68,550% 5th
2013 Hammarö FEI Lagprg. Msv B 67,297% 2nd
2013 Hammarö FEI Mästerskapsprg.
(J), SM kval 2
69,737% 3rd
2013 Hammarö FEI Lagprg. Msv B
(J), SM kval 1
69,955% 4th
2013 Laholm Medelsvår B:5 69,592%
2013 Laholm Medelsvår B:4 70,326% 3rd
2013 Helsingborg Medelsvår B:5 69,388% 2nd
2013 Helsingborg Medelsvår B:4 66,304% 2nd
2013 Lilla Edet Lagprg. Msv B (J) 66,757% 4th
2013 Lilla Edet Medelsvår B:4 69,783% 1st
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår B:4 67,065% 5th
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår B:5 66,633% 3rd
2013 Trolleholm Medelsvår B:2 68,721% 3rd
2013 Dagstorp Medelsvår B:4 66,739% 2nd
2013 Göteborg Medelsvår B:5 71,429% 1st
2013 Willands Medelsvår B:2 70,930% 2nd
2013 Färs Härads Medelsvår C:1 70,000% 1st


Since 2011 Emma has competed dressage on the Swedish National Team level. That year she won two bronze medals at the Swedish Championhip both with the team and individually on the pony B Capriole. She also competed her first year as a junior rider with the horse Wolkengold and went to the finals at the Swedish Championship and was placed 7th in total. She won in Falsterbo with the pony B Capriole and made her debut internationally with the horse Wolkengold with placements.

In 2012 Emma represented Sweden for the first time at an international championship. This was in Ypäjä in Finland where she finished as the best Swedish rider in the team competitions. She also participated in other international competitions that year.

In 2013 it was another horse, Fleur, that Emma competed with. This year she was among others 3rd on the first day at the Nordic Championship for juniors and won a bronze medal with the Swedish Team. Emma competed both in Moorsele in Belgium and in Hagen, Germany.  She also competed two horses at the Swedish Championship where she was placed 4th with Fleur and 2nd in the b-final with Lifemusic.

2014 is Emma’s first year as a young rider. She has competed at the Nordic Championship and was the best Swede all three days. Emma also competed in Falsterbo Horse Show and at the Swedish Championship where she went to the finals. She has competed in various other international competitions during the year.