Basic Information

Year of birth 1997

Nationality Swedish

2014 Team bronze medal at the junior-NC & junior-SC
2014 7th at the SC for junior riders
2014 5th at the NC for junior riders
2012 Silver medal team at the SC
2012 5th individually at the SC for pony
2012 NC Silver medal with the pony team
2012 Pony EC
2011 Bronze team at the SC


B Cap Dressage AB


Lina has been riding all her life since her mother is very interested in horses and has competed in dressage. Lina, however, was not really interested until she was around 9 years old and was found to have got diabetes. After a period of time at the hospital she quit her other sport activities and wanted to train more with the horses.

Her great interest for competitions started when she bought her first D-pony Danny Beau from Germany in December 2010.

Lina lives in Särö at a horse farm that her family bought in the autumn of 2012. There she and her sister, Emma Jönsson, have the great opportunity to train their horses.

In the beginning of 2014 they bought the horse Barreiro from Belgium by the help of Jan Brink and Lina has been training for Jan since then. Both sisters go to Tullstorp with their horses when they are training for Jan.


2015 Flyinge FEI Lagprg Msv B (J) 69,324% 2nd
2015 Flyinge FEI Lagprg Msv B (J) 69,905% 1st
2014 Firllesås Medelsvår C:2 73,667% 1st
2014 Malmö Junior SC,
Kür final
70,475% 4th
2014 Malmö Junior SC,
Champ. prg.
69,079% 7th
2014 Malmö Junior SC, Team prg. 66,622% 13th
2014 Dagstorp Medelsvår C:2 68,333% 4th
2014 Helsingborg FEI Champ. prg.
Msv B (J)
69,474% 2nd
2014 Helsingborg FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 68,649% 1st
2014 Strömsholm FEI Champ.prg.
Msv B (J)
69,693% 2nd
2014 Strömsholm FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 70,676% 2nd
2014 Hammarö FEI Champ.prg.
Msv B (J)
66,886% 1st
2014 Hammarö FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 66,261% 2nd
2014 Nordhalland FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 71,802% 1st
2014 Willands FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 66,711% 6th
2014 Laholm Medelsvår B:2 73,488% 2nd
2014 Nordhalland Medelsvår C:1 70,319% 3rd
2014 Kungsbacka Medelsvår C:2 69,222% 2nd
2014 Hässleholm Medelsvår C:1 70,000% 2nd
2013 Falkenberg Medelsvår C:1 68,085% 3rd
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår B:5 68,776% 1st
2013 Laholm Medelsvår B:5 66,531% 5th
2013 Laholm Medelsvår B:4 69,783% 6th
2013 Lilla Edet FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 67,568% 3rd
2013 Lilla Edet Medelsvår B:4 69,022% 2nd
2013 Årekärrs Medelsvår B:4 68,804% 3rd
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår C:2 67,889% 2nd
2013 Nordhalland Medelsvår C:2 74,574% 1st
2013 Borås Medelsvår C:2 73,333% 1st


In 2011 and 2012 Lina competed with her pony Danny Beau. She competed nationally in 2011 and started her first Swedish Championship where she went to the finals.

Lina competed twice internationally during spring 2012, ones in Roosendaal and once in Hagen where she went to the finals. During the summer Lina won a silver medal with the team at the Nordic Championship and was placed 4th individually. Thereafter she competed at the European Championship in Fontanbleau were she was the best Swedish rider. She finished off the season with a 5th placement at the Swedish Championship.