Basic Information

Year of birth 1996

Nationality Swedish

National Team Svenska junior landslaget

2014 Won debut in Msv A and was placed 2nd at the Prix S:t Georges debut
2014 Placed 6th in total at the SC for junior riders
2014 Competed for the Swedish junior team at the EC in Italian Arezzo
2014 A number of victories and placements in Msv B (J) team- and Champ.
prg. during spring on various horses
2013 Victories and placements in Msv B 5 (74,388 %) and Msv B 4
2013 EC final individually, Compiègne
2013 NM 4th in the Kür final, Flyinge
2013 3rd in the Kür final, Moorsele, Belgium
2013 Bronze with the team at the International Competitions in Moorsele, Belgium
2013 1st and 2nd at the i FEI Champ.- och teamprg, Msv B (J)
2013 Won the FEI Kür for juniors, Willands
2012 Competed at the EC for juniors, 4the at the SC for junior riders
2011 Competed at the NC on pony, competed SC on pony
2010 COmpeted at the NC on pony, competed at the SC on pony
and in the pony kür in Globen, Stockholm International Horse Show
2009 Competed at the SC on pony
2008 Competed at the SC on pony
2007 Won the championship for 6-year old B-ponies


Hannell Dressage Stable
Lynga Gård
311 96 Heberg
+46 (0)70-51 44 067


Mathilde is from Falkenberg and has been riding since she was a child. The family has always had a great interest in horses and when Mathilde started competing dressage as a pony rider the family decided to support the sport. In 2010 the foundation was made for the estate Lynga Gård and the company Hannell Dressage Stable. In connection with the construction of the estate the family came in contact with Jan Brink, who is now chairman in the board and a trainer to all the team.

Today Hannell Dressage Stable is a professional horse company with ten employees and a cooperation partner to Tullstorp Dressage Stable.
When the company was founded Mathilde was only 14 years old and was still riding ponies. Together with Jan she took the step up riding horses that same year. One year later Mathilde rode her first European Championship as a junior on Wolkenfroh. Since then she has been selected to compete at the European Championship every year, and was in the finals on Webster in French Compiègne outside Paris.
Mathilde is now a Young Rider and the goal is to make a debut in U25. Further ahead the aim is to enhance the knowledge and experience to educate young horses al the way up to Grand Prix and to represent Sweden in the international arena.
An education besides riding is as important and after the economical studies in high school studies in the university will follow.


2015 Flyinge FEI Prix S:t Georges 66,974% 2nd
2014 Åstorp Prix S:t Georges (debut) 70m2% 2nd
2014 Åstorp Msv A:1 (debut) 68,837% 1st
2014 Ljungbyhed SC kür final (J) 69,550% 8th
2014 Ljungbyhed SC, qual 2., Champ. prg. 69,430%
2014 Ljungbyhed SC, qual 1., Teamprg. 68,243% 5th
2014 Arezzo Competed a the EC (J)
2014 Falkenberg Champ.prg. Msv B (J) 67,697% 1st
2014 Willands Champ.prg. Msv B (J) 71,053%
2014 Willands Teaamprg. Msv B (J) 69,595%
2014 Hästhagen Champ.prg. Mdv B (J) 70,395%
2014 Hästhagen Team prg. Msv B (J) 69,414%
2014 Åstorp Champ.prg. Msv B (J) 69,605%
2014 Åstorp Team prg. Msv B (J) 70,811%
2013 Falkenberg Msv B 5 74,388 % 1st
2013 Falkenberg Msv B 4 72,283 % 2nd
2013 Laholm Msv B 4 72,065 % 2nd
2013 Compiègne EC final
2013 Flyinge NC Ind. Kür final 71,475 % 4th
2013 Flyinge NC Team Competition 70,108 % 5th
2013 Dagstorp Msv B:4 69,348 %
68,261 %
2013 Moorsele FEI Kür Final fr juniors 71,583 % 2nd
2013 Moorsele FEI Ind. Champ.prg.
Msv B (J)
67,85 %
69,25 %
2013 Moorsele FEI Team prg.
– team
Brons 3rd
2013 Willands FEI Kür for juniors 71,833 %
69,583 %
2013 Åstorp FEI Champ.prg.
Msv B (J)
72,851 %
72,763 %
2013 Åstorp FEI Team prg.
Msv B (J)
71,216 %
70,901 %
2012 Helsingborg Msv B:5 68,776 %
67,347 %
2012 Falkenberg Msv B:4 70,000 % 2nd
2012 Falkenberg Msv A:1 66,977 % 3rd
2012 Gärds Msv B:4 68,261 % 1st
2012 Flyinge FEI Team prg. Msv B (J) 74,865 % 2nd
2012 Flyinge Msv B:4 68,913 % 4th
2012 Kågeröd FEI Kür for juniors 68,550 % 3rd
2012 Kågeröd FEI Ind. Champ.prg.
(J), qual. 2
67,632 % 5th
2012 Kågeröd FEI Team.prg (J), qual. 1 68,739 % 3rd
2012 Falkenberg Msv B:5 66,939 % 3rd
2012 Falkenberg Msv B:4 73,043 % 2nd
2012 Everlöv Msv B:4 77,391 % 1st
2012 Nordhalland Msv C:1 72,979 % 1st
2012 Björbäck FEI Team grg Msv B (J) 68,919 % 2nd
2012 Hästhagen FEI Champ. prg.
Msv B (J)
69,474 %
67,719 %
2012 Hästhagen FEI Team prg.
Msv B (J)
68,739 % 1st
2012 Torns Msv B:2 69,070 % 1st
2012 Torns Msv C:2 69,778 % 2bd
2012 Trolleholm Msv C:1 67,447 % 3rd
2012 Ängelholm Msv C:1 69,787 % 1st


Mathilde’s results with the ponies are four Swedish Championships and two Nordic Championships, victory in the championship for 6-year olds with B-pnoy as an 11-year old and a fourth placement in the pony kür in Globen, Stockholm Horse Show, as a 13-year old.

With horses Mathilde has competed at three Swedish Championships, one Nordic Championship and three European Championships. Already as a 15-year old Mathilde was selected for the Swedish national junior team to represent Sweden at the European Championship.
Today Mathilde is competing the Dutch gelding Webster by Krack C and the German Deela Mae by De Niro.
In 2014 Mathilde and Webster did their personal best at the European Championship for junior riders, won their debut in Msv A and was placed 2nd in their debut in Prix S:t Georges.