– stable manager

Melina is the stable manager at Tullstorp, and is, with two stables and around 30 horses to take care of, the key person managing and leading the team here at Tullstorp. She knows every little detail that needs to be done in the stables, what each horse prefers for dinner and which horses that are in turn to withdraw to their paddocks. Even stable cats and dogs are most welcome and she takes care of all animals with a great sense of responsibility and much love.

When at her desk in the office, she also handles scheduling of farriers, dentists, visits at the veterinary etc. Greeting interns and organising with their supervisors are other parts of Melina’s area of work – luckily Melina is great at allocating and delegating, a very important quality for a manager.

In addition to all of her tasks as a stable manager, Melina also works as the main groom preparing all the horses for Jan Brink. She has a certain calm and positive humbleness towards the horses that rubs off on her surroundings and she always works with a careful smile on her lips.