ODA BERG – rider

Oda works as a rider at Tullstorp. She loves being with horses and is passionate about riding. Luckily, that is exactly what she does all day long. From early morning she is in the stables surrounded by horses, working both for them and with them. She works for them and their well-being when she assists with the feeding and mucking, is letting them out in their paddocks, walking them and simply caring for them. Training and riding the horses is her main task, so most of the day she works with them. She rides the young horses and is at the same time being educated for higher level with older horses, constantly developing and improving her riding skills and getting experience for the future competition arenas.

As a person, Oda is humble, wonderfully uncomplicated, completely dedicated and always has a little smile on her lips. When passing her at work, whether in sunshine or in pouring rain, she will always salute you with a smile and a comment with a certain joyfulness in her voice. Such mentality and approach to life rubs off on your surroundings and makes both animals and colleagues thrive in her company.