GINTS LUKS – caretaker

GINTS LUKS – caretaker

Gints, originally from Latvia, has lived in Sweden for a number of years. Living in a house at Tullstorp with his family, he has a good view over the facilities and only a 2 minute walk to work every morning.

Gints’ work is to take care of the entire estate and maintain all facilities, including all buildings, indoor- and outdoor areas, keep an eye on the forest and keep the racing track in shape. In addition comes a lot of grass and hedge cutting and various minor repairing work etc. Prior to working at Tullstorp, Gints has no history with horses. Now, they are a great part of his everyday life and not just at work.

He has grown to become really fond of these amazing animals and thanks to a special horse that he has become very attached too, he now truly understands the passion that motivates his colleagues every day in the stables.

At Tullstorp, there is always something to do for a caretaker, and Gints does his work with joy. He has a good sense of responsibility and respect for his surroundings and understands profound work behind it all. When he is not at work, you can still hear the lawn mower in the background because then he is most likely somewhere around, taking well care of his own property and enjoying life with his family.