Since 2009 Jan has been able to focus more on training and education, which enables him to accept offers to go abroad to give clinics and demos. This has also meant that Jan can simultaneously nurture the existing customer relations he has, but also to connect and network with new clients and students who share the same interest and vision.

Inspired by his long time trainer, Kyra Kyrklund, Jan has also started to give more clinics in USA, Canada, Brasil, and in a number of European countries including Scandinavia. To spread knowledge and develop the sport is important for the growth of the dressage sport both on a national and an international scale.

The vision to have a natural concept that is easy to follow for both horse and rider is important to Jan. Because of this every clinic starts with theoretical session the evening before. Here Jan explains his methodology with patience and enthusiasm. Jan has also published a very appreciated educational series “Dressyrskolan”, that now has been published as a book by Tidningen Ridsport.