Conditions and Facts

General Conditions

  • Semen season is from 3rd of April – 15th of August 2018.
  • We collect the stallions at Tullstorp Monday and Wednesday for delivery by mail or MH AB and on Friday for delivery by MH AB or for collection by the customer at Tullstorp. Deviations may occur due to holidays and when the stallions are away on competitions. Current information on deviations will be available on the website.
  • Collection- and packing fee is included in all prices.
  • The costs for each shipment to your breeding station as well as VAT on all stud- and gestation fees are not included and will be added.
  • The price for mail delivery within Sweden is SEK 400 + VAT per shipment
  • The price for delivery with MH AB within Sweden is SEK 750:- + VAT per shipment, SEK 900 + VAT if shipment by airplane is needed.
  • The price for delivery of frozen semen within Sweden is SEK 1,900 + VAT per shipment, disposable container included.
  • If the chilled semen is picked up the cost is SEK 100 + VAT for the box.
  • If the frozen semen is picked up the cost is SEK 900 + VAT for the disposable container. At pick-up with own container, the cost is SEK 30 + VAT per liter of nitrogen at refill.
  • Pick-up at Tullstorp according to this map, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • If you cover 4 or more mares with one of Tullstorp stallions, you may receive a volume discount. Contact us for an offer.
  • Once during the season you may change to another of Tullstorp’s stallions stationed at Tullstorp free of charge. The gestation fee is then based on the last stallion of your choice. However, if you change to Orlando you will have to pay the difference in the stud fee.

Semen orders

Orders must be made on the day of collection no later than:

  • From Tullstorp: no later than 12.00.
  • Importsemen: no later than 8.30.
  • Frozen semen: If you want frozen semen send to your semen station, we need your booking at least two weekdays prior to the date of delivery. Frozen semen will be send with disposable semen containers, the cost for container and shipment with mail and MH AB will be added. You may as well pick up the frozen semen at Tullstorp yourself.

Semen import

The delivery costs for Painted Black, Everdale, Negro and Glamourdale:
Semen imported from Holland directly to the receiving station in Sweden shall be received no later than 5 pm. the day after collection, price approx. SEK 1.350:-/per delivery. The cost for the EU-papers is excluded, price SEK 650:-

The delivery costs for Casiro and Lordanos:
Semen imported from Germany directly to the receiving station in Sweden shall be received no later than 5 pm. the day after collection. Cost price.

Semen containers from Germany and Holland should not be returned due to contamination risk. Collection on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Deviations may occur due to local holidays or competitions. Information will be available here on the webpage and updated on a regular basis.

Frozen semen stallions:
Diamant de Semilly:
Diamant de Semilly will be available with frozen semen via Tullstorp. 1 straw is SEK 12.000:- + VAT and this includes shipment of semen from France to Tullstorp as well as breeding license. The semen most be ordered i very good time since only a few orders will be shipped from France in accordance with the demand in the market.

Cornet Obolensky & Comme il Faut:
Cornet Obolensky will be available with frozen semen via Tullstorp. 1 straw is SEK 8.000:- + VAT and this includes shipment of the semen from France to Tullstorp as well as breeding license. if you buy 3 straws or more and the same mare does not get pregnant with the three straws used 1 straw per insemination during the same season, the mare owner is offered a “foal guarantee”  where you can continue with either Contendro I or Consul de la Vie with payment of only the stud fee SEK 3.500:- + VAT. The pregnancy fee is then for free.

Special conditions for Diamant de Semilly, Cornet Obolensky and Comme il Faut:
Advance payment for both Diamant de Semilly, Cornet Obolensky and Comme il Faut. The semen will be shipped to Tullstorp from France and most be pre-ordered since only the doses that are ordered and paid will be send to us and only a few shipments from France will be arranged during the season. The semen will be distributed from Tullstorp to the mare owner, either by pick-up or send by mail, see the costs in connection herewith under General Conditions. When the semen from these stallions arrive at Tullstorp the risk of the semen passes to the owner, the mare owner. Tullstorp will contact the mare owner who will then decide whether we shall store the semen at Tullstorp temporarily or send directly to the mare owners semen station. How the semen will be send/transported to the semen station is up to the mare owner to decide since the mare owner has the risk of the shipment. Tullstorp will advice the mare owner from experience with the different shipment companies in the specific area of the semen station.

We make reservations about possible minor increase in shipment prices due to changes in the EURO currency among others.