Basic Information

Year of birth 1996

Height 170

2014 Priced as Ambassadeur Sire for BWP, The Breeding Association for Belgian Varmblod
2011 A-awarded
2007 2nd in Nations Cup (CSIO Wellington), double clear round
2007 4th and 5th in Grand Prix, Wellington
2005 1st in 1,55 Championship CSI**** Hardenberg
2005 1st in 1,45 CSI**** Hardenberg
2005 1st in 1,45 CSI** Lummen
2005 2:a i Grand Prix och 2:a i Nations Cup, CSIO***** Lummen
2005 3rd in 1,45 jumping CSIO***** Aachen
2005 3rd in 1,45 jumping CSI-W s’Hertogenbosch
2005 5th in Grand Prix CSIO**** La Baule
2005 2nd at the Belgian Championship
2004 8th in Grand Prix CSI*****, Bruxelles, Belgium
2004 1st at 1,50 jumping CSIO****, Lummen
2004 2nd at 1,45 jumping CSI****, Paris
2004 2nd at the Sires of the World, CSI**, Hasselt
2004 2nd at the CSIO***** Aachen for 7/8-year-olds
2003 AB-awarded
2003 1st at the Classic Cycle for 7-year-olds
2002 1st at the Belgian Championship for 6-year-olds
2001 1st at the Troosting World Breeding Championship – Lanachen
2001 Double winner of the style jumping, Aachen


Semen Station

Stationed at Tullstorp in 2017
Tullstorp Dressage Stable AB
Tel: +46 (0) 451-193 71, 193 07

Stud fee: 4.500 SEK +
10.000 SEK at 90 days of gestation
Prices are exclusive of VAT and other charges

Breeder Information

BVBA van de Heffinck


Double H Farm

Conditions and Facts
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Orlando was approved in Sweden in 2003 and was A-awardedin 2011. Orlando has 115 registered offspring in Sweden and is in the highest performance class *** in the Swedish  BLUP index and is placed 57th at the Word Ranking of the best jumper sires, WBSFH.

Orlando was a great international jumper. Orlando made an impressive Stallion Performance Test, won the Troosting World Breeding Championship in Lanachen as a 5-year-old, won the Belgian Championship for young horses at the age of 6 and came 2nd at the Belgian Championship as a 9-year-old. Since then Orlando has won a number of international Grand Prix and twice been placed 2nd in the Nations Cup.

Orlando has a great technique with a lot of scope, is brave and very good ridability. He brings on technique, strength and a good character. He himself is a product of both good and uncomplicated horses and the offspring are placed high at the young horse competitions and at auctions.

Orlando is by the famous sire Heartbreaker that successfully competed Grand Prix with  Peter Geerink and among others came 4th in the Grand Prix in Aachen and won the championship in Dortmund 1999. Heartbreaker is among others the sire of Toulon and Vancouver d’Auvrey. Heartbreaker is by the world known sire Nimmerdor.

Orlando’s motherline represents the stallion Darco that has competed with great success with Ludo Philippaerts and has among others won the World Cup qualification in both Olympia and s’Hertogenbosch, came 6th at the WEG and 7th at the Olympisc in Barcelona. Furthermore, Darco is one of the best jumper sires in the world, placed 7th on the World Ranking for best jumper sires, WBSFH. Darco has had a number of great offspring, among others the famous Parco, Sapphire and King Darco. The mother Nefista van de Ruttershoeve has competed with great success as a 5-6-year-old with many victories regionally.

Orlando is even sire to many offspring that have competed in jumping internationally.  Orlando’s most famous offspring are:

  • Vigo, CSI***** with Albert Zoer
  • Ohlala, 4th of Palm Peach CSI GP / 2nd of Oliva CSI GP with Lauren Hough
-, 2nd in Nations Cup Aachen 2014, 5th in Grosse Preis Aachen 2014 ind.
  •  Echo D, 3rd of Masters of Mechelen CSI-W with Peter Devos
  • Gangster de Longchamps, 6 YO World Champion in 2012
  • Castelo Branco, 2nd of Nations Cup (Drammen CSIO)

Orlando is available with frozen semen TAI from Tullstorp, see Conditions & Facts for more information.

Heartbreaker Nimmerdor Farn
Bacarole Silvano
Nefista VD Ruttershoeve Darco Lugano van la Roche
Jenna Van't Peerdhof Gibramino