Basic Information

Year of birth 1976

Nationality Swedish

2014 5th in Intermediaire II, Åstorp
2013 2nd in Intermediaire I B, Laholm
2013 3rd in FEI Intermediaire II, Everlöv
2013 Won Intermediaire I B, Björbäck
2013 3rd in FEI Intermedeiaire I B, Lidköping
2012 Won Medelsvår A:1, Team SC, Ericsberg
2012 Double victory in FEI Prix S:t Georges, Everlöv
2012 1st and 3rd in Medelsvår A:1, Everlöv
2012 1st and 3rd in Medelsvår A:3, Laholm
2011 Won FEI Prix S:t Georges, Falkenberg
2011 Won FEI Prix S:t Georges, Laholm
2011 Won Medelsvår A:1, Dagstorp
2010 Won Medelsvår B:4, Kungsbacka (77,826 %)


Lynga Gård
31196 Heberg
Tel: +46 (0)76-77 09 933


Marie Munters was born and raised in Dala-Järna, Dalarna.

Marie started riding when she was 7 years old on the local riding school where she went on her bike everyday to help take in the ponies from the paddocks and to just hang around and help with everything she was allowed.

The horses were the most important thing in Maries life and when it was time for high school she chose Strömsholm where she was educated as a riding instructor. After her time at Strömsholm Marie worked as a high school teacher at the riders- and groom education in Vansbro for a couple of years until she travelled down to Tullstorp as a trainee.

One year later Marie was employed as stable manager/rider as she worked for the following 5 years until Jan Brink’s best Brasilian client needed somebody to train and educate the Swedish horses as well as their own breedings.

After 5 years in Brazil Marie decided to move back to Sweden and before she even landed she had already signed an contract of employment with Hannell Dressage in Falkenberg, where she has now been working since 2010 as a rider/trainer.

Marie is part of the Hannell Dressage Team who trains for Jan Brink several times a month so Marie has now been training for 13 years in a row for Jan Brink and cooperates with Tullstorp.





2014 Åstorp Intermediaire II 66,009% 5th
2013 Laholm Intermediaire I B 68,708 % 2nd
2013 Everlöv FEI Intermediaire II 66,974 % 3rd
2013 Strömsholm Intermediaire I B 66,167 % 4th
2013 Björbäck Intermediaire I B 68,750 1st
2013 Lidköping FEI Intermediaire II
Lövsta FC CUP, avd B
66,798 % 5th
2013 Lidköping Intermediaire I B 67,917 % 3rd
2012 Falkenberg FEI Prix S:t Georges 67,289 % 4th
2012 Falkenberg Medelsvår A:1 67,868 % 2nd
2012 Flyinge FEI Prix S:t Georges 67,105 % 4th
2012 Ericsberg Lag SM,
FEI Intermediaire I
68,684 % 4th
2012 Ericsberg Lag SM,
Medelsvår A:1
70,814 % 1st
2012 Everlöv FEI Intermediaire I 70,088 % 2nd
2012 Everlöv FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,974 % 1st
2012 Everlöv FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,184 % 1st
2012 Everlöv FEI Intermediaire II 67,018 % 4th
2012 Everlöv FEI Intermediaire I B 68,333 % 4th
2012 Everlöv Medelsvår A:1 66,163 % 3rd
2012 Everlöv Medelsvår A:1 70,426 % 1st
2012 Björbäck FEI Intermediaire II 69,781 % 2nd
2012 Björbäck FEI Prix S:t Georges 68,246 % 4th
2012 Dagstorp Medelsvår A:1 67,326 % 3rd
2012 Laholm Medelsvår A:1 69,457 %
68,769 %
2012 Laholm Medelsvår C:1 70,638 % 2nd
2012 Hässleholm FEI Intermediaire I 66,184 % 2nd
2011 Helsingborg FEI Intermediaire I 67,105 % 4th
2011 Falkenberg FEI Prix S:t Georges 69,123 % 1st
2011 Flyinge Lag SM,
FEI Intermediaire I
64,895 % 3rd
2011 Flyinge Lag SM,
FEI Intermediaire I
68,333 % 3rd
2011 Laholm FEI Prix S:t Georges 71,316 % 1st
2011 Björbäck FEI Intermediaire I 69,211 % 2nd
2011 Björbäck FEI Prix S.t Georges 69,596 % 2nd
2011 Åstorp FEI Mästerskpprg (YR)
Msv A
67,281 % 2nd
2011 Åstorp FEI Prix S:t Georges 67,456 % 4th
2011 Dagstorp Medelsvår A:1 69,535 % 1st
2010 Ängelholm Medelsvår B:4 68,043 % 3rd
2010 Kungsbacka Medelsvår B:4 77,826 % 1st


Marie is educated as a riding instruktör at Strömsholm and educated B-trainer in dressage. Marie has even educated and competed horses for Grand Prix.

Marie started her career as a riding instruktör at the Riding- and grooming school in Vansbro where she worked for 4 years. After that Marie was a trainee for 1 year at Tullstorp before she was then employed as a rider/stable manager for Jan Brink at Tullstorp where she worked for 5 years educating horses. Then Marie moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she worked for another 5 years for Jan Brink’s greatest Brazilian client educating horses in various ages and competing successfully up through Grand Prix.

Since Marie’s return to Sweden in August 2010 she has been working as a rider/trainer at Hannell Dressage Stable where Marie is educating and competing horses and is training the dressage colleague Mathilde Hannell.