Alice works as a groom at Tullstorp. Alice is a young girl who just finished high school. As a horse enthusiast and hobby rider she finds that she is finally able to spend her entire life with the horses that she loves so dearly. From early morning she is in the stables surrounded by horses, working both for them and with them. She works for them and their well-being when she assists with the feeding and mucking, is letting them out in their paddocks, preparing them for their riders, walking them and simply caring for them.

When you meet Alice in the stable, you will most likely experience her as humble and quite serious person. Alice is very careful and attentive around the horses and very dedicated to her work. However, if you look carefully, you will see the little smile in the corner of her mouth. When you get to know her, you will find that she just truly loves being around the horses and despite full concentration on the horses and her tasks, she always has time for a smile and a laughter.