Matilda Modin groom


As a groom, Matilda’s main job is to take care of the horses at Tullstorp. When entering the stables in the morning, around 36 horses are looking at her with their ears forward and much attention and expectation. Matilda begins her day by satisfying their hungry stomachs. After fixing the stables, it is time for her to start letting out the horses in their paddocks and preparing horses for their riders. After lunch and a well-deserved break for both horses and staff, Matilda will return to the stables to make sure all horses get a turn in the paddocks and important one-on-one time with her to be groomed properly. The workday comes to an end for Matilda when all horses are once again fed and are happily enjoying a late afternoon peacefully glancing at the surroundings and their four-legged friends through their open windows.

In addition, Matilda is also very devoted to her riding. She is regularly trained by Ida-Linn and spends her free weekends competing on her own horse.

So all in all, Matilda’s entire day is spent caring for the horses and fixing in the stables in order for both horses and riders to thrive and perform at their best and she does that with the outmost carefulness and joy. She is much appreciated by both her two- and four-legged colleagues.